Frank Cordell (1 June 1918 – 6 July 1980) was a British composer, arranger and conductor

In 1947 Cordell joined the BBC as a composer, arranger, and orchestra conductor. Among the recording studios he used were the Abbey Road Studios in St John's Wood, and the Aeolian sound studio in Bond Street, he also worked with George Martin. One of his early music hits conducting his own orchestra was called "Sadie's Shawl" (1956, UK #29), and another called "The Black Bear" (1961, UK #44). Cordell was noted in 1951 for his radio score of the historical drama The Gay Galliard, starring Valerie Hobson as Mary, Queen of Scots. He worked with most of the well known performers and musicians of the day including Noël Coward, Charlie Chaplin, vocalists such as Alma Cogan and Ronnie Hilton, and the jazz trumpet player Humphrey Lyttelton. In 1952 Cordell was drawn to the cinema and made his music film debut. He also commenced composing music for many advertising commercials for film and TV.



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A great American Songbook
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