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We have added some new tracks by the 101 strings. I have some older ones on the playlist now but will add a few new releases of some of their newer selections. Wikipedia notes: 101 Strings Orchestra was a brand for a highly successful easy listening symphonic music organization, with a discography exceeding a hundred albums and a creative lifetime of roughly thirty years. Their LPs were individualized by the slogan "The Sound of Magnificence", a puffy cloud logo and sepia-toned photo of the orchestra. The 101 Strings orchestra was composed of 124 string instruments (all male except for the harpist) and was conducted by Wilhelm Stephan. The orchestra's famous official photograph was taken in the Musikhalle Hamburg. Record label mogul David L. Miller started the series...MORE

Conductor, arranger Ken Thorne has died at age 90

English composer, arranger, orchestra leader, Ken Thorne passed away July 9,2014 at the age of 90 in his West Hills CA home. Kenneth Thorne (26 January 1924 – 9 July 2014) was a British television and film score composer. Thorne was born in East Dereham, a town in the English county of Norfolk. Thorne began his musical career as a pianist with the big bands of England during the 1940s, playing at night clubs and the dance halls. At age 27, Thorne decided to seriously study composition with private tutors at Cambridge and later studied the organ for five years in London.
  Wikipedia Bio

New additions to our playlist by the Philip Green Orchestra

Philip Green (19 July 1911 – 6 October 1982), sometimes credited as Harry Philip Green, was a film and
television composer and conductor. He composed more than 150 film scores including Man on the Run (1949), The Yellow Balloon (1952), One Good Turn (1954), Carry on Admiral (1957), The Square Peg (1958), The League of Gentlemen (1960), A Stitch in Time (1963) and The Intelligence Men (1965). His themes for John and Julie (1954) and The March Hare (1956) both won Ivor Novello Awards. Philip Green was not as prolific in the commercial recording studios compared with some of his peers (he was too busy on other projects), but his post-war single releases included ten 78s for MGM, and similar numbers for Decca, Columbia, Parlophone and Top Rank. In addition he arranged and conduct several memorable LP albums including: "Moments in Mayfair", "Follow The Sun" and "Pan-American Panorama" (for EMI Columbia); "Wings of Song" (Top Rank); and tributes to great song-writers such as Rodgers and Hammerstein, Jerome Kern and Irving Berlin (for RCA). Robert Farnon Society, David Ades |

Like many composers of film music and light music, he also wrote prolifically for production music libraries and as a result, a number of his compositions are familiar through their use in film, radio and television programmes. Many of these works are now published by Carlin Production Music. His short composition "Horse Feathers" was used for the radio series Meet the Huggets, for example, and a number of his pieces were used in Night of the Living Dead, Looney Tunes theatrical shorts (such as in 1958 when the musicians were on strike, or later added as part of TV prints for Freudy Cat.) Towards the end of his career he moved to Ireland, where he developed his interest in music with a religious theme. Two which he regarded with particular pride were "St Patrick's" and "Children's Masses for Choir and Orchestra". Philip Green died late in 1982 in Dublin, following a long illness; his widow Dorothy died in 1995. Green's first credited work was on 1943's The Sky's the Limit. He was a house arranger and conductor for Decca and accompanied many of their vocalists such as Gracie Fields, Donald Peers and Anne Shelton. He was later appointed resident musical director of the Rank Organisation. He continued to compose and conduct for film and television until his retirement in 1966. Philip, along with his wife, Dorothy, established the Philip and Dorothy Green Music Trust to help young musicians and composers.

LOVE IS BLUE composer ANDRE POPP has died

André Charles Jean Popp
 (19 February 1924 – 10 May 2014) 
was a French composer

"Love is Blue", a song Vicky Leandros performed at the Eurovision Song Contest 1967 on behalf of Luxembourg, also recorded by Claudine Longet, became a popular world-wide hit. In these recordings, Popp does not sacrifice the sophistication of his 1950s orchestrations, but rather than animate the songs, he seems to set the tone, the mood, painting a colorful picture. Sometimes there are silky, smooth strings; often there is harpsichord and oboe and flute; elsewhere adventurous brassy fanfares; occasionally an ethereal soprano chorus; always some magical musical final touch, like the faint, quavering harmonica in "Manchester et Liverpool". Marie Laforêt's voice fit perfectly in André Popp's 1960s soundscapes and he created more of them for her than for her contemporaries. Popp died at his apartment in the Paris suburb of Puteaux on 10 May 2014.

Our playlist

We have been asked several times about the length of our playlist. About 150 hours long there are about 3000 tracks from our library of over 80,000 from over 1000 albums collected over a 50 year period in the professional broadcast industry. (We kept the library when we sold our FM station a few years ago). Each week we drop about 100 selections and add fresh ones...determined to some extent by the thumbs down icon on our listeners players. Favorable listener reaction comes via 'shoutout' feedback from all over the world. We even get some rare out of circulation tracks from listeners via email attachments. We thank all for their support in making our station the number one easy listening station via ( and frequently the number one income producer of all their stations). --- Gracias, R A Campbell, Western Gulf Media stations.

Remembering beautiful music on radio in New York City...

A recent post on the yahoogroups (BEAUTIFULINSTRUMENTALSANDVOCALS) reminded us that WHN programed Beautiful Music in the 1950's...and prepared their own beautiful music LP with these liner notes: "WHN, beautiful music for the ears and hearts of New Yorkers, recorded especially for radio station WHN and the 50,000 watt sound at 1050 on the New York radio dial. WHN is New York at its best." This is from the liner notes on a custom LP played by Roy Ross and the WHN orchestra. DJs included Lonny Starr, Jim Ameche, Hans Anderson, Dick Shepard, Dean Hunter. "

Earlier, in the late 1930's as Richard O'Connor posts on his website: A Brief History of Beautiful Music Radio Music To Read By on New York City's WHN (later WMGM) began in August 1938 as a nightly hour (midnight to 1 A.M.) of classical and light classical recordings. With the addition of a few Andre Kostelanetz and orchestral popular transcription discs early in 1943 the program came to be advertised as "an hour of songs without words". A variation of 'slumber music', the show's selections were orchestral, melodic, and not necessarily subdued, chosen more to inspire than for soporific effect. Well established by the end of the war, Music To Read By became the beloved prototype of many late night programs featuring a similar musical mix before, and after, its demise at summer's end in 1949. WPAT, & WRFM are best known for maintaining the popular beautiful music format in the NYC metro area for many years in the mid 20th century.

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