Our playlist

We have been asked several times about the length of our playlist. About 150 hours long there are about 3000 tracks from our library of over 80,000 from over 1000 albums collected over a 50 year period in the professional broadcast industry. (We kept the library when we sold our FM station a few years ago). Each week we drop about 100 selections and add fresh ones...determined to some extent by the thumbs down icon on our listeners players. Favorable listener reaction comes via 'shoutout' feedback from all over the world. We even get some rare out of circulation tracks from listeners via email attachments. We thank all for their support in making our station the number one easy listening station via LIVE365.com ( and frequently the number one income producer of all their stations...we thank you for continued support in meeting copyright obligations and obtaining album selections for the playlist). --- Gracias, R A Campbell, Western Gulf Media stations.