September 20 Birthday of Frank De Vol


Frank Denny De Vol, also known simply as De Vol (September 20, 1911 – October 27, 1999) was an American arranger, composer and actor.

De Vol was born in Moundsville, West Virginia and grew up in Canton, Ohio. His father, Herman Frank De Vol, was band-leader of a local movie orchestra and his mother, Minnie Emma Humphreys De Vol, had worked in a sewing shop. He attended Miami University.
When De Vol was 14, he became a member of the Musicians' Union. After playing violin in his father's orchestra and appearances in a Chinese restaurant, he joined the Horace Heidt Orchestra in the 1930s, being responsible for the arrangements. Later, he toured with the Alvino Rey Orchestra, before embarking on his recording career.



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A great American Songbook
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