Vision and album from Catherine Duc

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Duc started her musical journey from a young age. As a child, Duc studied keyboard and classical piano and later completed studies in music arrangement, live recording and production at the Alfred Brash Sound House in the Melbourne Concert Hall. She also has a Diploma in Film Music Composition from The London School of Creative Studies. Duc's music is a blend of Celtic and world melodies with contemporary electronica rhythms and atmospheric soundscapes. It's a careful tranquil hearing the ocean in a seashell.... Catherine's approach is multilayered with the subcultures of warm electronica and atmospheric moods, Celtic mysticism (is that real harp? Sounds as good as Maggie Sansone!), and the current trend of worldbeat runs through in waves of delicate melody.

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A great American Songbook

A great American Songbook
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