PROMISE by Christine Brown, piano

Christine Brown discovered her love for the piano at an early age, taking piano lessons and accompanying vocal groups at school. Christine was inspired by new age pianists George Winston and Peter Kater in college, but the piano remained a gratifying hobby. Christine used the piano to voice emotions and experiences. “Playing the piano is an emotional release, often an escape. To move people with music and to be able to share it with others is truly a joy. My style of composition is sort of classical, sort of new age. I once heard someone describe this piano style as ‘heavy mental’ and I thought it was fairly accurate! Relaxing, yet interesting enough to be introspective.” In 1991, Christine debuted on a compilation album, “Piano Portraits”, with Sugo Records, and following that, “Summer Stories”. Christine's newest release is "Promise". An album of relaxing, inspirational piano works filled with emotion, hope and . . . Promise.
A beautiful recording - Solo piano magic! Featured now on our Beautiful Instrumentals music stream.
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A great American Songbook
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