This collection of four compact discs are worth their weight in GOLD and some just added to the playlist here at

 "The Magnificent Westerns", is the Ultimate Collection of Western Films and TV Themes. The "Classic Western" is never-ending, always at the forefront of the film Industry. Whenever our film-makers run out of projects and ideas, they bring back "The Western", fresh and never wandering far from the camera's eye or the composers pen. Silva Screen has been a leader in the "Compilation Department", so is it any wonder they release some hard-to-find scores. Never fear my trail may wish to buy the entire collection; as amazon reviews goes on to say... The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Paul Bateman, James Fitzpatrick, Nic Raine and the Crouch End Festival Chorus perform 56 selections from classic 'oater' blockbuster films and television. It is the most complete collection ever assembled, over four hours of symphonic suites with full orchestra all individually wrapped-up into one neat package. If you buy this collection here you will also help to support our Internet stream of BEAUTIFULinstrumentals too :-)