50th anniversary year WDVR, PHILADELPHIA, PA

Previously called WDVR (Delaware Valley Radio) the station pioneered the Beautiful Music format beginning in 1963. Original staff included Rich Franklin and Dave Shayer, both broadcast veterans, and were two of the original air staff hired when they first went on the air May 13, 1963. Both, later, were Music Directors at 101.1 FM, and are still active in broadcasting today. Also part of the first air staff were Lou Klawansky (air name: Lee Kramer), Frank Goshy (air name: Frank Edwards), and Joaquin Bowman. Working with Jerry Lee, Marlin Taylor, Phil Stout (later Programmer of SRP), Dave Kurtz, Alan Campbell and others, WDVR skyrocketed to phenomenal success and became a broadcasting legend. 101.1 FM was, and is, one of the most successful independent FM stations in the country.