PHILIP SWANSON "Ikkyu's Dream"

“Ikkyu's Dream is cast in the modal, quasi-improvisational style that is strongly associated with fusion jazz of the late 20th century, and the blurred harmonies and piquant sonorities that are rung from the piano will remind many listeners of the keyboard music of Keith Jarrett. Swanson's soundworld is delicate and evocative of reveries in nature and impressionistic scene painting, and the arpeggios , tremolos, and arabesques that decorate his melodies add soft, indistinct dissonances that drift into each other through the atmospheric use of pedaling… the mix of standards and original pieces keeps the program varied and the listener engaged. The evenness of moods makes this a delightful CD for relaxation and quiet background listening, and Swanson's lush playing makes this a suitable accompaniment for daydreaming.”