Birthday of conductor & composer Roger Roger August 5

Roger Roger (5 August 1911 - 12 June 1995) was a French film composer and bandleader. His aliases included: Eric Swan, Cecil Leuter, the last being a pseudonym he used for his electronic productions. He was one of the first with Pierre Henry and Jean-Jacques Perrey to experiment with the Moog synth; his Pop Electronique album was released in 1969, five years after Bob Moog put his synth on the market. Roger died in Paris in 1995. Since his death, renewed interest in light music has seen several CD albums released, both in dedicated albums and in compilations, including memorable test card music that was used by the BBC in the 1970s. He is listed as the composer for two episodes of the 1954 Flash Gordon series, and for series incidental music. Roger Roger's recordings always have the harmonious charm of songs in his time. In this album there is a happy combination between the strings of the orchestra and the warm, mysterious sound of the oboe d’amore played by Etienne Baudo, a soloist of international prestige who has to his credit many recordings with symphony orchestras...

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