WERNER MULLER aka Werner Müller (1920-1998)

Spectacular Tangos / Gypsy!Vintage Dance Orchestras No. 186 - EP: Buona Sera, Tango

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German conductor Werner Müller was born 2 August 1920 in Berlin, He died 28 December 1998, in Cologne, Germany. Müller was conductor of two of the most popular radio orchestras in Germany. From 1948 to 1967, he led the Tanzorchester for the powerful station RIAS in Berlin. During this period he was associated with the pop singer Caterina Valente, whose recording of "Malaguena" was popular all over the world. In 1967 Müller became the chief conductor of the Tanzorchester of radio station WDRP in Cologne.


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A great American Songbook
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