For individuals suffering from the seasonal mood disorder known as the "winter blues," the goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device from Philips offers natural, affordable relief. The goLITE BLU features the cutting-edge BlueWave light therapy technology, offering the most effective, natural treatment for winter blues and eliminating the need for artificial stimulants or drugs. And with its easy-to-use functionality and a lightweight, portable design, the goLITE Blu can go wherever you need it--at home, in the office, or on travels. Cutting-Edge BlueWave Technology With 20 years of experience in light box technology, Philips offers the most cutting-edge and effective technology for treating winter blues with BlueWave technology. With this technology, the goLITE BLU provides blue light, which has been shown to be twice as effective as white light in influencing our natural body clocks. With BlueWave technology, the goLITE BLU is not only more effective than white-light light boxes, but it also offers far less intense light, which reduces the risk of eyestrain or headaches that can be associated with the glare of more intense light boxes. The goLITE BLU also features a wider field of light than other light boxes, which means that you can work, watch TV, read, or eat meals while using the light box, rather than having to sit close and directly in front of it. Easy to Use, Compact, and Portable The goLITE BLU features an easy-to-use touch screen and a digital, backlit clock with a timer so you can set the light box to your preferred wake-up time, allowing you to wake up more naturally and more refreshed. At just 5-1/4 x 5-1/2 x 1 inches (WxHxD), the goLITE BLU is compact and unobtrusive, allowing it to fit easily in your bedroom or your office space. It folds down easily, and because it's powered by a rechargeable battery (included), the goLITE BLU is easy to take wherever you need it. The goLITE BLU is covered by a two-year warranty